The AURA Story
AURA is a Canadian charitable organization assisting in the sponsorship and resettlement of refugees. We represent the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and support the Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.  AURA works with a coalition of organizations to help all refugees regardless of their religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality. AURA has nearly 30 years of working with the community ensuring refugees are able to begin positive new lives here in Canada.  


Funding Use

How AURA is Funded

AURA has historically relied on generous funding from different levels of both the United Church and the Anglican Church. Thankfully both organizations remain our principal sources of funding.  

In order for AURA to continue to offer the levels of services we have in the past we require increased private support. In the last three years we have begun shifting our focus to increasing both foundation and individual support.  

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How Your Donations Help Refugees

All donations go directly to allowing AURA to help refugees in one of our programming areas: Education & Outreach 35%, Settlement Supports 27%, Capacity Building 24%, and Casework 14%. You can see below some of the many activities that make up each area. We are proud to use every generous donation to help refugees begin a new life in Canada.

Funding Use
How AURA uses our funding. (Three Year Average)
Casework 14%
AURA works to develop sponsorship applications on behalf of recognized refugees from around the world. Aspects of AURA’s casework include:
• Matching cases with sponsors
• Refugee claim assessment
• Refugee application development
• Refugee application tracking

Education & Outreach 35%
AURA engages with the community by sharing information and resources about the plight of refugees with churches, the general public and community groups. AURA is active with the community through:
• Speaking engagements
• Information sessions
• Website and Social Media
• Awareness campaigns

Settlement Supports 27%
AURA works with refugee sponsors to ensure a smooth transition to Canadian life. Some of the many settlement services that AURA offers include:
• Settlement planning
• Sharing best practices
• Referrals
• Troubleshooting

Capacity Building 24%
AURA helps to build the capacity of refugee sponsors and interested parties by utilizing our experience, knowledge and the expertise of our committed staff and volunteers. AURA builds communities capacity through:
• Various training opportunities
• Regulation monitoring
• International connections
• Diverse placement positions

To download the AURA Story brochure, please click here.