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Welcome to the AURA Sponsor Toolbox, home to all AURA's refugee sponsorship information and resources. You can use the menu on the right to view any of the many important refugee sponsorship topics or use the links below to go directly to each page. If you need printed materials, please contact the AURA office at 416-588-1612.

AURA's Sponsor Toolbox is designed to help you plan and carry out a successful refugee sponsorship as effectively as possible.
To view or download AURA's Refugee Sponsorship Handbook: Sponsorship Handbook
To learn more about or sign up for AURA's training workshops: AURA Workshops
To learn more about the financial responsibilities involved in sponsorship: Financial Responsibilities
To view or download AURA's settlement plans: Settlement Plan
To view or download AURA's lease support documents: Lease Support
To view AURA's wide-ranging resources: Resources
To view or download AURA's sponsorship checklists: Sponsorship Checklists



Sponsor Toolbox

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