Finances: Pre-Arrival
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How Much Money Do We Need?
Anglican parishes are required to have a pre-determined amount of money set aside before AURA can submit a sponsorship application to the government. Those numbers reflect the liability incurred, not the real cost of a sponsorship.

The Cost of a Sponsorship:
Sponsors are required to provide newcomers with a reasonable standard of living for the complete sponsorship period. It is impossible to know exactly how much a sponsorship will cost as there may be needs that are unknown prior to arrival, but fall within the sponsor’s responsibility to the newcomers. The IRCC Cost Table provides minimum financial requirements based on family size (see table).

Sponsors Must:
• Fundraise an appropriate amount of money, including contingency funds.
• Plan a monthly budget and submit it to AURA before arrival, as part of the Settlement Plan. (See AURA Settlement Plan and Budget).

Considerations in Budget Planning:
1. A Fine Balance: While sponsors cannot provide less than the necessary standard of living, sponsors should also be careful not to provide too much financial support. Be aware of creating an unsustainable relationship of dependency.
2. Avoiding Difficult Transitions: All sponsorships have a set date when financial support will end. If sponsors provide high levels of financial support, it will be very challenging for newcomers to live on a significantly reduced budget afterwards.
3. Self-Determination in Practice: Sponsors must provide reasonable funds and explain how they are meant to cover the newcomers’ needs. As long as their basic needs are met, how they prioritize and decide to spend their money is up to them.

Settlement Budget Planning:
• AURA provides a budget model, but many factors affect the total cost of a sponsorship so it is important for each sponsor group to fill out and personalize the budget.
• Household items, furniture and clothing may be donated, however the budget must allow for some new items (underwear, some clothing).
• Additional funds must be available for emergencies or unforeseen expenses (e.g. dental costs).
• Complete financial freedom with no accountability could prevent sponsors from fulfilling their responsibilities if problems arise. On the other hand, forcing newcomers to keep every receipt is insulting and invasive. You must develop an appropriate and mutually agreeable plan.

Immigration Loan:
• Sponsors must budget for the immigration (travel) loan, which is issued to all resettled refugees and which AURA requires sponsors to re-pay.
• This can range from $1000 to $2000 per person.

Canada Child Benefit (CCB):
• Families with children will receive monthly CCB payments, the first of which will be retroactive to arrival and potentially very large.
• While CCB payments cannot be counted in the budget as if they were coming from sponsors, they can be a significant amount of money. The group should support newcomers on how best to use the funds for the children, as intended.

The guidance, oversight and structures established depend entirely on the financial literacy and experience of the sponsored individuals. Many challenges can be avoided by careful planning and clear communication.

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