Permanent Residency and Permanent Resident (PR) Card
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Newcomers who arrive through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program become Permanent Residents as soon as they enter Canada.

Permanent Residency refers to the Immigration status of an individual, allowed to live in Canada indefinitely. Permanent Residents (PRs) have access to the social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage and the ability to study and work anywhere in Canada. They will be protected under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Upon meeting the requirements, they can apply for Canadian citizenship. PRs also have the responsibilities that accompany their status including paying taxes and respecting all Canadian laws at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

Permanent Resident (PR) Card:
•New PRs are not required to apply for a PR card, this happens automatically. IRCC will send each newcomer their PR Card in the mail.

What to do if a PR card is not received?
There are often long delays in PR card processing, due to high volume, incorrect addresses, and problems with photographs. Sometimes, some members of a family will receive their cards, while others may experience delays or be asked for new photographs.
•Processing of PR cards takes up to 2-3 months.

•Ensure IRCC has the correct, complete address. To easily update your address: Click on the “Address Notification” link in the blue box, just below Step 3.

•If you are concerned about a delay, contact AURA about a Case Specific Inquiry or calling IRCC

•If you have waited 6 weeks more than the average processing time (approximately two months), you can complete and submit a Solemn Declaration Concerning a Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Never-Received Permanent Resident Card to IRCC.

•If a PR card has not been received within 180 days of arriving in Canada, a complete application, along with fees and photographs will have to be submitted to IRCC.

Travelling as a Permanent Resident:
Canadian Permanent Residents are entitled to a Travel Document, which can be used with a PR card to travel outside Canada. However, for resettled refugees, there are serious considerations related to travelling outside of Canada before attaining citizenship:
•Re-entry to Canada is not guaranteed.

•Use of a passport from a refugee’s country of nationality, and returning to that country can be considered ‘reavailment’ and jeopardize their permanent residency status.

Therefore, AURA strongly advises against travelling outside of Canada before becoming a Canadian citizen, even in extraordinary circumstances.

Canadian Citizenship:
PRs should apply for Canadian citizenship as soon as they meet the requirements. Ensure they understand the value and process of applying for citizenship.

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