Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)
Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)
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Refugees resettled to Canada through the Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) Program receive 6 months of financial assistance from the government’s Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP).

RAP Appointment:
The RAP agreement is explained and signed at an in-person appointment with an IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) officer. All family members 18 yrs and older must attend with a member of the sponsor group and an interpreter (if required). The first cheque is issued at the appointment, subsequent payments are made by direct deposit.

Notification of Appointment:
• Email # 1 - Shortly after arrival, a RAP officer will automatically email the sponsor group leader and AURA with:
• The monthly amount the family/individual will receive
• A direct deposit form to bring to the bank
• A list of documents you are required to bring to the appointment (including Confirmation of Permanent Residence, SIN, OHIP, IFHP (Interim Federal Health Program), lease, passport/travel documents and completed direct deposit form)
• Email # 2 - A second email will be sent with an appointment date and time. The timing of this email depends on the arrival date. The RAP office corresponding to most AURA sponsorships is in Toronto at St. Clair Ave East and Yonge St.

RAP Period:
• RAP is provided from months 2-7. Sponsors provide the rest, including start-up and additional costs.
• If a newcomer arrives before the 15th, RAP begins the following month. If a newcomer arrives on or after the 16th, RAP begins the month following their first full month in Canada.
• Example: if you arrive on May 7th, RAP starts June 1st. If you arrive May 17th, RAP starts July 1st.

• RAP income must be declared on an income tax return, although it is not taxable. The government will send a Statement of Benefits (T5007) to the newcomers in February.

• The information provided here relates to BVOR cases only. Government Assisted Refugees receive 12 months of financial assistance and additional benefits through RAP. It is important to inform newcomers that the different benefits have different eligibility requirements.

RAP Rates:
For the most updated rates please use this link.
• Notice that the food and incidentals portion does not increase to reflect children in the family and you must budget accordingly.
• Sponsors should take RAP payments into consideration to ensure consistency over the 12 month sponsorship period. Take extra care in communicating to newcomers about the source of funds during these months and how your contributions are adjusted.
•Sponsors can provide additional financial support during the RAP period for a ‘reasonable’ standard of living, as RAP rates are very low. All funds provided by sponsors are not declared to RAP as they are considered a ‘‘gift’’, just as they are for income tax purposes.

Similar to Social Assistance, RAP is based on financial eligibility. Therefore, all income from employment received during the RAP Period must be declared to the RAP office. There are no deductions if earnings are less than 50% of the monthly RAP entitlements. Earnings over 50% of the monthly RAP entitlements will be deducted dollar for dollar.

REMEMBER that AURA guidelines prevent employment at the expense of English language learning and all employment requires approval from the AURA Executive Director.

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