Privacy and Confidentiality
Privacy and Confidentiality
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The Right to Privacy and Confidentiality: As a sponsor you must always be conscious and careful about respecting newcomers’ privacy. For resettled refugees, privacy is a right, not a privilege.
• Sponsors, donors, or volunteers may feel an unwarranted sense of entitlement towards the newcomers and their lives.
• Boundaries: be conscious and avoid making newcomers feel uncomfortable. Everyone’s comfort zone is different and cultural differences may play a role in how people are used to interacting.
• As you get to know each other better the ways in which you interact will probably change. Start from a place of respect.
• Be especially mindful of respecting the newcomers’ home; it is their space, not yours.

Language is important: “newcomers” or “refugees”?
Once refugees arrive in Canada through private sponsorship, they are officially permanent residents. It is more appropriate to refer to them as “newcomers” than “refugees”.
People will choose to self identify however they feel comfortable. But as sponsors you should always use respectful language. When in doubt, ask!

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