Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities
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The Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program is unique to Canada. It allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to be directly involved in the resettlement of refugees. When carried out responsibly, sponsorships can have tremendous positive effects, not only for the refugees who arrive but for the communities that welcome them.

Sponsor’s Responsibilities
Sponsors have a duty of care towards refugee newcomers, and must agree to provide lodging, settlement assistance and support for the sponsorship period of 12 months (unless otherwise stated). This includes:
• Covering the cost of rent, food, utilities and reasonable day-to-day living expenses.
• Clothing, furniture and household goods.
• Locating interpreters, if needed.
• Providing orientation to day-to-day life (banking, transportation, etc.).
• Assisting with accessing health coverage (doctor, dentist etc.).
• Enrolling children in school and adults in language training or appropriate education.
• Helping in the search for employment after prioritizing language learning.
• Ensuring basic needs are met (including dental needs).
• Covering the cost of the Immigration (Travel) Loan.
Every sponsor group must submit the AURA Settlement Plan and Budget before arrival.

AURA’s Responsibilities
As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH), AURA is responsible for ensuring sponsors understand and meet their responsibilities. AURA ultimately takes responsibility for each sponsorship application submitted.

AURA supports refugee sponsors throughout the process by:
• Providing a variety of appropriate refugee cases for sponsorship.
• Coordinating and submitting all government forms and documents.
• Providing training in all areas of refugee sponsorship.
• Providing information, support and advice.
• Monitoring on behalf of the government to ensure all rules, laws, and regulations are followed.

Sometimes sponsor groups find themselves in difficult positions with newcomers, and a meeting with AURA staff can be helpful as AURA can present requirements to both the newcomers and the sponsors (thus alleviating some of the pressure on sponsors).

AURA Policies
In addition to the general responsibilities, working with AURA means all refugee sponsor groups must adhere to the following:

AURA Policies

Funds Required Prior to Submission
Before AURA can submit a sponsorship application to the Government of Canada, the sponsoring parish is required to have a pre-determined amount of money set aside. The amount depends on the family composition and type of sponsorship case.

The funds required do not reflect the real cost of a sponsorship, they reflect the amount for which a parish could be liable in the event of a sponsorship breakdown.

The funds must be segregated/restricted in the parish’s accounting records and tracked separately from operational funds. AURA and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto must confirm with the Church Wardens that these funds are in place.

Funds Required Prior to Submission

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