Welcome to the AURA Sponsorship Toolbox, home to all of AURA's information sheets, guidelines and checklists. You can use the menu on the right to view any of the many important refugee sponsorship settlement topics or use the thumbnails below to go directly to each information sheets page or download the PDFs directly. You can also download the entire Information Sheet Package by clicking this link.

Expectations Managing Expectations

Privacy Privacy and Confidentiality

Group Budget Group Budget Planning

Budget Talk The "Budget" Talk

CRA Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), Taxes and Benefits

13th Post-Sponsorship Transition

Housing Housing Guidelines

Airport Airport Arrival

IFH Inteirm Federal Health (IFH)

OHIP Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

PR Permanent Residency and the Permanent Resident (PR) Card

RAP Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)

SIN Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Loans Immigration Loans

Checklist Sponsorship Ready Checklist

Checklist Required Tasks – Pre-Arrival Checklist

Checklist Required Tasks – Immediate on Arrival Checklist

Checklist Required Tasks – Within First Two Weeks Checklist