Airport Arrival
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About the Airport Arrival:
Notice of Arrival: As soon as AURA is informed of an arrival, an email will be sent to every group member with the itinerary. This is usually about 10 days prior to the date of arrival.

AURA will:
•Ask the group leader to provide the cell phone number of at least 1-2 people who will be at the airport, as well as a temporary/permanent address to which the Permanent Residency (PR) card can be sent.

•Inform IRIS (Immigration Reception and Information Services at Pearson Airport).

The airport arrival is often a much anticipated moment for the sponsoring group. However, the newcomers may be feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and exhausted after a long trip. Although the sponsoring group might feel like celebrating, the newcomers will probably need some rest.
•Introduce yourselves, explain that you will support them through their settlement in Canada.
•Emphasize that you will be around to help them out when needed and that you will explain more over the next few days.
•The information newcomers receive pre-departure varies greatly. They may or may not be aware of your role as sponsors.

Plan Ahead:
•Do you need car seats or booster seats? Do you have enough room for everyone and luggage?
•Check the flight status online before you leave for the airport.
•Organize for an interpreter if necessary.
•Be prepared to wait 1-3 hours after the time of arrival. Wait at the passenger pick-up area for international flights, unless there is a domestic connection.
•Newcomers are escorted through immigration and out to their sponsors by an IRIS representative.

Important Documents:
Newcomers should have the following documents once they have gone through Immigration:
Confirmation of Permanent Residence, one paper document per person, proves immigration status until PR Card is received in the mail.
Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), one paper document per person.
Social Insurance Number (SIN), one paper document per person, given in a sealed envelope. *Dependent on the time of arrival, and only if an address was provided.
Passport/Travel Document/Single Journey Document used to travel to Canada.

Continued Airport Arrival Guidelines:
As a sponsoring group you will probably want to take pictures with the newcomer(s) when they arrive at the airport. Remember that they are probably very tired after the long trip and are faced with many new impressions at once. If you decide to take pictures, ask the newcomer(s) first and only take a few pictures to make the process quick.

Avoid separating parents and children, if this is not possible; make sure that you have the parents’ agreement.

Newcomer(s) who are not able to provide an address at the airport will be given an IMM 5456 (Address Notification—Permanent Resident Card). The sponsoring group can assist them in completing this form and faxing it back to the PR Card Processing Centre at 1-902-564-7317.

The refugee’s permanent address in Canada must be provided to IRCC within 180 days after entering Canada or else they will have to submit a new application, and pay the fees.

1. Pick only a few members of the sponsor group to greet the newcomer(s) at the airport.
2. Bring a welcome sign with you to the airport, with the newcomers’ name(s) in English and their language.
3. Having an interpreter at the airport can ease the first meeting between the refugee sponsoring group and the arriving newcomers.
4. A Confirmation of Permanent Residency document will be received at the airport, however, the PR Card will be sent in the mail, arriving 1-3 months later.

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