Immigration Loans
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The Government of Canada issues resettled refugees a loan to cover the costs of their transportation, medical exams and travel documents before departure.

The repayment period begins approximately 30 days after arrival in Canada.

The loan recipient will receive a letter from IRCC with an account number and instructions on how to pay.

IRCC establishes a monthly payment plan automatically. However, the entire amount can be paid at any time, preferably before the interest-free repayment period ends. The length of the interest-free repayment period depends on the size of the loan.

Amount of Loan Repayment Period Interest begins to accrue after…
For loans equal to but not exceeding $1,200 Within 12 months of issuance 12 months
$1,200.01 - $2,400 Within 24 months of issuance 24 months
$2,400.01 – $3,600 Within 36 months of issuance 36 months
$3,600.01 - $4,800 Within 48 months of issuance 36 months
For loans over $4,800 Within 72 months of issuance 36 months

Do Sponsors have to pay the loans: Yes. AURA Policy requires sponsors to pay the Immigration Loan. Any issues related to this must be discussed with the AURA Executive Director..

Consequences of Missing a Loan Payment
A refugee newcomer cannot be removed from Canada for failing to repay their loan. However, if they do not make their payments, IRCC can direct the case to a private collections agency, keep the income tax refunds, take them to court and deny certain privileges (such as a Travel Document). It is especially important to make the payments if they are planning on sponsoring a family member.

*The loan is approximately $1000-$2000 per person, and is in the name of the Principal Applicant. If you are sponsoring a family made up of multiple cases with multiple Principal Applicants, they will each receive a separate loan and letter for repayment.

*All address changes must be reported to IRCC, you can use the IRCC address tool by clicking this link.

*The notice of the loan will go to the newcomers directly, so it is important to ensure that they let you know when they receive the paperwork.

*Syrian refugees who arrived in Canada in 2015/16 had their travel/medical costs covered and were not issued a loan. This is no longer the case.

Deferrals: Under special circumstances, a collections officer may grant a deferral of loan payments, a variation or an extension. If you make this request, you may be asked to explain your personal finances and why it is difficult for you to make the payments. If the sponsors are not going to pay the loan, we suggest they help the newcomers ask for a deferral to give them more time as soon as the first repayment schedule is received.

Loan Forgiveness/Contribution Fund:
In extraordinary circumstances, there is the possibility of loan forgiveness for exceptionally high needs cases. If the sponsoring group feel the refugee newcomers fit into this definition they should speak to IRCC about how to apply.

IRCC Travel Loans Contact:
Telephone: 1-800-667-7301
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Please have your loan documents available when you call.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: 819-934-3884
Mailing address: 365 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa Ontario, K1A 1L1

1. At the airport, newcomers may receive an “Immigration Loan” document that references the loan and the amount, note that this is not the request for repayment.

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